Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Festivus On the Brink

For those who enjoyed “The Night Before Festivus,” this is the next chapter.

A Festivus On the Brink

By: Luke Jones

On the brink of greatness, these Ravens, they were,
As the fans of Baltimore continued to stir.
The Ravens were ready for just one more test
To prove that they were the AFC’s best.

Though tired and weary from a Titan contest,
the Ravens had no plans of trying to rest.
These men on a journey to climb to the peak
Were ready to play for at least one more week.

Coach Harbaugh, the general, inspired his team
To play with such heart and never say “me.”
It may not be perfect or an effort of splendor,
But they’ll show what it takes to be a contender.

From the hits of Ray Lewis to the heart of Jim Leonhard,
The flash of Bart Scott, the tough presence of Trevor,
The playmaking Reed, the work ethic of Johnson,
The strength of Haloti, the coverage of Washington.
A defense so feared with a scent for the ball,
as foes, one by one, continued to fall.

Joe Flacco looked calm without any fears.
Such a rarity, a rookie so far past his years.
Mason and Clayton kept hauling in throws
as Neal and the line gave punishing blows.
With McClain and McGahee earning big gains,
Todd Heap with the big catch, moving the chains.
And Stover, the veteran, with his kick in the clutch,
Making the game-winner with just enough touch.

But now, the Steelers, whom they had yet to unseat,
For Festivus to continue, they were the team to beat.
Their two games so close, twice a narrow, tough loss.
The Ravens were hungry to show them who’s boss.
A clash of two rivals with it all on the line,
the fans couldn’t wait until it was time.

The Ravens had given so many great gifts
To the fans of Baltimore this Festivus.
But the ultimate present was still on their list
As the players would embark to grant them their wish.
With the same punishing effort, the Ravens will try
To show just how high they really can fly.
Coach Harbaugh will shout at the end of the day,
“Festivus Maximus for all! We’ll see you in Tampa Bay.”

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